August 19th, 2022
Don’t forget our Leadership Seminar is coming up on Friday August 12th from 5-6pm. For all Leadership students. Legacy members and Staff from 5-7pm.
Friday, August 19th - Martial Arts Belt Promotion Registration now open online & @ the front desk. Don't miss out on taking your next step towards Black Belt!
This is what Belt Graduations are really about👍🏽GOAL SETTING & GOAL GETTING 😉 Our 8 weeks cycle breaks down our curriculum so students build their confidence by setting and achieving short term goals to keep them motivated as we focus on a long term goal of Black Belt because we know it takes time to not only develop good martial arts skills but to develop character and instill life skills for future success. Becoming your best doesn’t happen overnight. Make Black Belt your goal today.
Save the DATE for our Open House on Saturday, August 27th, 2022 An Amazing event for everyone plus you can invite friends and family to join in on some fun too. Stay tuned for more information.
Also, don’t forget if you would like to attend virtual classes you can easily access them via our student portal. Simply go to:
Have a great week everyone Be Safe & Stay Healthy,
Mr. Jonah & Miss Aria Red & Dark Green Shoutout to Mr. Jonah & Miss Aria Ulahannan for their black belt attitude and level 10 performance in every class! These siblings are constantly pushing each other to be better versions of themselves. 💪🏽💫
Brianna & Julianna Yellow Tip Hey everyone 👋😊 Let’s show these two sisters some ❤️👍. Brianna and Julianna are two hardworking and focused students here @uselite they always try their best & have tons of fun learning new skills and life skills. We are very proud of these two young ladies . Keep up the great work
Aidan Bugayong 2nd Dan Black Belt Here @uselite we want to give a Big Shout Out & Great job to Mr. Aiden Bugayong. 👏👏👏😊He’s a hardworking 2nd degree Black Belt🥋 that has become an awesome example, leader and mentor to the students in our school . Continue to lead by example sir your efforts to help children become their very best is truly appreciated. 👍
August 19, 2022
M.A. belt promotion is coming up on Friday, August 19th.
The deadline to register is Thursday, August 11th. All students must be signed up by this date in order to attend promotion and move on to the next belt!
Make sure you’re turning in your black & orange stripe homework!
Get Registered ASAP and stay on track toward your goal of achieving your Black Belt.
Let’s all give Mr. Arnav a Big “Thumbs Up” 👍Working hard sweating, smiling and giving 100% effort during class. Keep up the good work sir. We are all so very proud of you.
Hey everybody 👋😊 I want to give a big shout out & great job to Mr. Dhruv!👏👏👏 It’s been an honor to watch his confidence, focus and discipline grow over the years. He’s a hard worker that always gives 100% and a leader among his peers. A true example of the “Yes I Can” mindset taught at U.S. Elite. Keep up the good work Dhruv. 👍🥋
August 27, 2022


  • board breaking
  • demo martial arts & little ninjas classes
  • leadership lessons
  • shaved ice
  • face painting


Bring your family, friends and neighbors!