December 7th, 2022
This is what Belt Graduations are really about👍🏽GOAL SETTING & GOAL GETTING 😉 Our 8 weeks cycle breaks down our curriculum so students build their confidence by setting and achieving short term goals to keep them motivated as we focus on a long term goal of Black Belt because we know it takes time to not only develop good martial arts skills but to develop character and instill life skills for future success. Becoming your best doesn’t happen overnight. Make Black Belt your goal today.
Also, don’t forget if you would like to attend virtual classes you can easily access them via our student portal. Simply go to:
Have a great week everyone Be Safe & Stay Healthy,
Samantha Leavitt Black Belt Shoutout to Miss Samantha for her black belt attitude and level 10 performance in every class! We are very proud of you young lady!
Edgar + Leilani Gonzales Yellow Belt Big shoutout to Miss Leilani and Edgar! This sister and brother always show up with black belt attitude + try their hardest. We are very proud